Course  Requirements – to pre-order

Ordering your Course Requirements Pack 1 month before is advised for team training. This will include the  Team Resources & Student Manuals Sets for your projected course capacity.

Minimum  10   Moderate  20  Maximum  30

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The students will also, pay for their own set of Manuals.

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Team  Resources & Course Manuals Set

Student Manual

Course Manual

This is a full-text version with source references to help the student retain the session material. Flipbook sample
Student Homework

Student Homework

This familiarises the uninitiated with the Bible and reiterates the truth. Plus it’s easy & even fun!

Team Training Program

Team Training

This vital resource is designed to assist the leader & the  team to effectively run the course.
Flipbook sample

Coordinators Handbook

Handbook (A5)

The coordinator works in close liaison with the leader and team & has a public role throughout.

Facilitators Handbook

Handbook (A5)

Group facilitators are selected for their evangelistic skills to achieve the session objectives.
Flipbook sample

Administration  Resources Folder

admin folder<br />
Church Promotional
Session requirements
Leading a Person to Christ
Navigator's Bible reading plan


Church Promotional
Session  Requirements
Leading a Person to Christ (see sample)
Sample Navigators Bible Reading Plan

Discovery Course mp4 Videos Pen Drive

(to present the course)