Course Reviews

The course appeals to individuals
from  diverse backgrounds and cultures

Originally used in-house,  the target audience has proven extensive, attracting mature adolescents through to active 60+ year-olds.

Their reason for attending remains varied, creating a ready-made, captive audience. ‘Thinkers’ who need answers to their questions, ‘conscientious individuals’ searching for truth, ‘honest sinners’  looking for peace and ´prodigals´ ready to return. Plus Christians, who want to consolidate their basic understanding of the faith.

As the course reviews reflect, many have evidenced a radical, lifestyle change, which has been noted by believers and non-believers alike. To God be all the glory!


Testimonials from Church Leaders

Naomi Hunter

Naomi Hunter


Having had the recent joy of helping to run and facilitate the Discovery Course in our church, I fully, recommend it.

Being just five sessions, it is easy to commit to and thematically follow. Containing enough information to help anyone with an inquiring mind about Christianity, to reach their own conclusions about Jesus.

The facts of which, are reinforced by the discussion groups at the end of each evening. Here, the attendees are given the opportunity to talk through the session content or ask questions, which has proven invaluable.

So, if you are thinking about running the course, I would do it.
You won´t regret it!

Hampshire, UK

June 2023

Mauricio Alvarez

Mauricio Alvarez


The Discovery Course has been a transformational resource for us.

God has used it to bring many people to Jesus and affirm the faith of our church members.

As a result, our church has grown with the addition of new believers and our members have gone to a new level of commitment with God.


Alicante Province, Spain

October 2022

Tim and Aliya Kotnic

Tim & Aliya Kotnic


We were extremely blessed to run the Discovery Course in our home, for a small group of people and found it to be the perfect tool for Christians who want to share their faith in a practical and comprehensive way, but may not feel equipped to do so on their own.

The combination of informative videos and thought-provoking, guided discussions enabled members of our group to deeply consider the claims and implications of Christianity, which resulted in each person, fully committing their life to Christ.

As for us, hosting the course helped us grow in our own confidence as Christians and was an unforgettable experience!

Valencia Province, Spain

May 2022

Testimonials from Course Students

All of the sessions benefited me in their own, individual way.

Specifically, Session 3: What´s so special about Jesus? For me, this session answered so many questions I had and solidified my journey to Christ.

The way Tony delivers the sessions really helps baby Christians and new believers who know nothing about the faith understand on a deeper, more personal level.

Because of the course´s spiritual impact on me, I gave my life to Jesus after the prayer at the end of Session 5.

I would encourage anyone who is thinking about doing the course to come along in the following years as it has really changed my life – for the absolute better.

Joanna Blackman

Student Nurse (aged 20)


Course Student – June 2023

As a recent Christian, it has given me a new perspective on the evidence and existence of Jesus that enabled me to grow in my spiritual understanding of what I believe.

Likewise, the teaching format was relevant and accessible and has helped me to navigate the Christian path.

Claudia Aranda

Telephone Manageress


Course Student – May 2022

The course displayed evidence of God and His work on earth in a clear and non-forceful way.

As a backslidden Christian, who had dropped out of ´church,´ the Discovery Course provided a fresh perspective and understanding of the Bible, faith and a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

I now feel reaffirmed in what I believe, having no doubt that Jesus is Lord and that all I do in this life should be to His glory.

I highly recommend this magnificent work by Tony Cauchi.

Joshua Wheatley

Professional Musician


Course Student – May 2022

As someone who is already a Christian, I found the Discovery Course incredibly helpful in really understanding our deep need for the gospel.

Even when others say it is not applicable to the modern age.

Additionally, it helped me to break down the gospel in straightforward terms so I could tell others about Jesus!

Hannah Cauchi

University Student


Course Student – April 2022


When I attended the Discovery Course, I was already a Christian. But I wanted to refresh the foundational truths of my faith.

The course is well researched and presented, using both extra-biblical sources as well as the Bible itself to present the truth of Scripture.

The evidence presented leads to the challenge of ¨Do you believe the evidence? Would you like to receive Christ as your Lord and Saviour?¨

A really excellent course, highly recommended for believers and ´not yet´ believers alike.

Mike Kirkwood

Chartered Surveyor/Christian Charities Founder


Course Student – May 2019

Here, is one of many, amazing stories

behind the testimonials!

Hi, my name is Carlos

I am Spanish and have lived all my life in a hillside town in Costa Azahar, Spain. I was not a believer. But I had a period in my life with no future, little work, fooling around with vices and a daughter and young son to look after. The worst was, I was divorced and empty in heart and spirit. So, I conformed a bit, thinking that something better would come in my life; but time went on and it got worse……

Still an atheist, I started asking God ¨Help me Lord, I beg you!¨ Shortly after, I was given a Bible but didn’t understand anything and found it boring. So, I found myself pleading ¨Help me Lord, to understand it!¨  I went to a house for one day’s work, where the owner, I was told, was a Bible teacher. On chatting, he and his wife said they were starting the Discovery Course in their home, to help people like me understand the Bible.

I was invited and I accepted.  There, I heard that God considered me so valuable that He gave His Son, to die for my sins. That there was the Kingdom of God to follow. Also, the good things you sow on this planet will come to life when you die. That faith to live is given through the help of the Holy Spirit who dwells in you……

I repented and surrendered my life to Jesus Christ at the end of the course and later, was baptised in water. Over the last four years, I have given all my burdens and difficulties to my Saviour, who, in return, has given me peace and filled me with hope. Finally, I know that all that I am today is by the grace of God. Blessings!¨

Carlos Pérez Pastor

Painter – Course student – May 2019

Wanting to know more about God at this point in our lives, my wife and I noticed a particular, church sign one day, that ´stood out´ on our regular car route. So, we attended the following Sunday.

Shortly after, we enrolled on the timely Discovery Course which was used to enlighten us regarding the Bible and its relevance to life in the following ways.

To recognise that the answers to all life´s big questions are in the Bible.

The evidence was presented in a multi-dimensional way that provided a compelling argument for the Bible being true.

The combination of biblical and historical evidence helped us see Jesus, as a real person.

The explanation of the meaning and significance of the Cross helped what He had done for us, to sink in.

Finally, the deeper explanation of the repentance process and the prayer of repentance that we individually, prayed at the end, was life-changing!

More of the same, please!

Ian and Jane Alcock

Company Vice President, Journalist.


Course Students – 2015



The Discovery Course is a great course for anyone, whatever their age, life experiences and background.

The atmosphere was always warm, friendly and inclusive and the talks were well-planned and not too long to be overwhelming.

It starts with basic, life questions, establishing the truth and reliability of the Bible and continues to explore the truth of the Gospel and how it has relevance and meaning for us today, in our secular world.

I especially, remember how useful and interesting the discussion groups were. Giving us the chance in a safe environment, to ask any questions and be listened to and our questions being sensitively addressed, no matter how simple or complex.

On a personal note, I remember experiencing a new understanding of grace for the first time and the importance of prayer.

Sue Palmer

Primary School Teacher


Course Student – September 2014